I offer consultative (clinical) supervision for psychotherapists who are drawn to working in an embodied way, as well as for other practitioners working with clients, trainees, students, volunteers, collaborators or groups, perhaps in creative, educational, facilitative or supportive roles.

In any of these contexts, reflective enquiry about those relationships helps them flow by bringing the unspoken and unconscious aspects into the light. By becoming aware of how others evoke our patterns of relating, beyond our explicit roles, and how we do so for them, we can free ourselves from stuck process to work more flexibly and bring ourselves more fully into those relationships.

I am also interested in working with those engaged in creative practice, and as someone who spent many years doing so professionally I understand how important it can be to have a supportive space to reflect, recharge and reconnect with the source of the work (‘re-source’).

I also offer supervision on the same basis to Somatic Movement professionals. Please contact me to arrange.

The supervision I offer is oriented towards process rather than any particular modality, although I draw from a range of approaches and experience. So, we can work with whatever is emerging and approach it with the sense that everything is relevant, especially the embodied aspects of the process – the way we breathe, move and sound, the way things land in us, the shapes we find ourselves in, and the felt sense of the situation. We can trust that our bodies already know what is going on and that this is a source of wisdom.

I am particularly enthusiastic about Appreciative Inquiry (AI) and tend to use the attitudes, principles and broad approach of AI within the Supervisory process as a way to explore and facilitate reflection and change for groups and individuals.

I also offer Supervision Groups for Psychotherapists and Supervisors.


Fees are by individual arrangement, in the range of £60 to £80 per hour. I offer full, 60-minute hours.

To move towards ongoing supervision please contact me and together we can arrange a first session which is a chance to meet and establish the fundamentals for regular supervision, including exploring how we might work together, making necessary arrangements, agreeing fees and establishing boundaries. I charge a first session at a reduced fee.

I am based in Glasgow, Scotland. In general, I work indoors and outdoors, as well online.