Body Talk experiential group

We all find ourselves in groups throughout our lives including our families, circles of friends and work teams. But who are we within a group? Who do we become? How do we navigate our way through the complexity of being ourselves together?

The experiential group is a space in which we can witness how we each are and how we become part of a spontaneous community. Together we will facilitate each others’ process of being in the group, by cultivating a sustained, deep awareness of who we are and what we each need. We also learn from each other how to listen, how to offer support and how we can each be received in all that we are. I facilitate the group with an emphasis on embodiment and bringing our whole person, with all it holds, into the group space. This might include invitations to become aware of your body, to move and to speak from and about our bodily experience. All this can make for an enriching and challenging journey.

Please contact me to express interest.