Image by Srik Narayanan, 2019


Somatic bodywork is a way of working with your body from the inside out

Using touch and simple movement it helps you to cultivate a deeper awareness of your body’s physical processes and makes space for healing

Listening, in detail, to what is happening in your body means you can consciously support its functioning. Often this is all that is needed to melt your blocks and restrictions and find more freedom in movement and comfort in yourself.

This can help you with many aspects of your bodily experience, for example, including:

– movement-related issues including restrictions, strain and pain
– tension
– supporting recovery from injury
– postural and alignment issues
– restlessness
– anxiety
– unexplained physical symptoms

It can also help you to explore more general feelings of discomfort – perhaps a vague sense that something isn’t quite right – by allowing you to listen to your physical experience in more detail.


Somatic bodywork supports both more functional movement of your body and also a more functional relationship with your body

By developing more physical support and resilience, as well as a more mindful awareness, you can find more ease in being in your body and be more attentive to self-care in your daily life, however you need your body to perform.


Somatic bodywork is specific and detailed

One of the unique aspects of this approach is in its specificity in working with different body systems, like the skeletal system, the organs, the nervous system, fascia and ligaments, and the endocrine system. While all of these systems work together as a complex whole, bringing specific systems out of the shadow and into experiential awareness can allow us to trust them as a resource and provide physical support. This in turn can invite muscular release and relaxation which allows more ease and possibility in movement. Instead of working from the outside to relax the body, this is a way of helping the body to learn how to relax into the support it already has.


Somatic bodywork is an integrated approach

This way of working recognises that the body and the mind cannot be separated but function as a complex system. So, in this approach, the emphasis is as much on inviting mindful awareness as it is on inviting functional movement.


Somatic bodywork is an embodied educational approach

In somatic bodywork the emphasis is first on listening to the ways in which your body organises itself. As the body-mind is a self-organising, self-sustaining biological process it will try to move towards healthy functioning in its context. However the ways in which we use our bodies can lead to restricted patterns and habits which limit its potential and may be apparent in body symptoms. So, this approach uses touch and movement as ways to support the body-mind to learn new patterns, backed by a trust in the biological wisdom of its process.

As such, this bodywork is non-invasive and non-medical. Rather than changing the body from the outside, by manipulating it, correcting it, or intervening with treatments, this is a way of working that allows you to come alongside your bodily process with awareness and support its change from the inside. The goal, if there is one, is that with enough awareness and nurturance, your body can find more functional patterns of movement which are self-supported, using the body’s own resources.


Somatic bodywork is a gentle, subtle and sensitive approach

With this way of working we are not trying to force the body to do anything but rather invite it. The touch can be of different qualities but is always a listening touch, intended to meet you and bring sensitivity and awareness rather than manipulate. Movement is sometimes open and self-directed and sometimes specific and guided or with a little resistance. Whatever we do, the work is to support your awareness and so it fits around your needs.


To book a session and find out more, please contact me.

If you are interested in working therapeutically, with more emphasis on relational and developmental aspects, I also offer body-oriented therapy. You can find out more about this here.


Practical information

I am a Registered Somatic Movement Educator with ISMETA and work within the ISMETA Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. I hold professional insurance for my practice.

This is not a substitute for medical treatment.

Sessions usually last an hour. I charge on a sliding scale of £45-£65 (daytime), £50-£70 (evening), and we will agree the fee before our first session.