Where do you work?
I work in Glasgow and in Edinburgh. I also work online and on the phone.

How long is a session and how many sessions do I need?
Sessions usually last 1 hour although sometimes longer sessions are possible, especially for those travelling from further away.

I offer short-term work (around 6-12 sessions) and long-term work. We will find out together how many sessions feel right.

Usually, sessions are weekly, at the same time each week. I offer daytime and evening sessions.

How much does it cost?
Fees are by individual arrangement on a sliding scale of £50-£70 per hour. I offer a first session at a reduced cost, during which we can meet, find out a bit more about each other and see how we might work together. During this session we will also agree what you will pay for further sessions based on the sliding scale.

I do have a limited number of low cost slots and while I am not always able to offer these I welcome enquiries from those who would not otherwise be able to afford therapy.

Is it confidential?
Yes the work is confidential. I may discuss some aspects of our work in supervision, which is also a confidential process, and even so I will always ensure that no identifying details are ever disclosed. There are very few specific circumstances in which there may be an ethical or legal responsibility to break confidentiality which we would discuss in any case if they occurred. Please ask if this may be a concern.

I am registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and comply with the GDPR on the handling of personal data. For further information you can look at my privacy policy or we can discuss this in our first session.

What ethical framework do you use?
I work within the ISMETA Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

I also strongly believe that ethical action only arises congruently if ethics are embodied, meaning that the source of ethics rests within oneself rather than being only an external set of rules to which one must adhere. Accordingly, I consider it a vital part of my practice to continually reflect on ethics and the personal, social, political and ecological contexts of my practice, and this includes doing so with peers and in supervision.

How do you maintain professional standards?
I am a registered professional member of ISMETA and a member of the Embodied-Relational Therapy Association. I hold professional liability insurance for my practice. I undertake regular supervision with an experienced psychotherapy supervisor. I participate in regular continuing professional development and ongoing training as required to maintain and develop my professional practice. I maintain ongoing relationships with a number of other professionals for peer support, referrals and specialist supervision.

Next steps?
Please contact me for a chat. We will arrange a first session where you can speak about what you need and together we can discover the next step.