Image by Srik Narayanan, untitled duet, 2015


I offer individual work as embodied creative enquiry.

This is for anyone who has a curiosity about working through the body and may be particularly suitable if you are seeking a renewed or deeper connection with your body, would like to invite more creativity and spontaneity into your life, or would like to support your creative process.

When we feel stuck or overwhelmed, the forward movement of our lives may seem lost. Working through the body we can discover the felt sense of any situation and through this wisdom we can find the resources we need to carry forward what needs to be carried forward.

My approach focuses on relationship. We are always in relationship with other persons and with our environment, so in witnessing this dance between self and other, we can learn more about our own needs, preferences and habits, and open up the potential for more choice in our ways of being, allowing more awareness, spontaneity, relaxation, fluidity, energy, ease and creativity into our lives.

By relating to you as a person-in-the-world, receiving your whole being rather than only your mind, your body, a role you fulfil, or a problem you have, I offer you the space to find more support for the parts of yourself that may be seeking expression and accompany you in that process. In meeting your own nature deeply you may find your own ways to be more resourced in meeting others.

In a session we may work through speaking, the breath, sounding, dance, somatic movement, imagery, improvisation, meditation, art-making, being in nature, and bodywork. Whichever channels we use, my approach encourages you to trust and learn from your own experience. This supports your own personal development and growth through the practice of:

⁃    Cultivating deeper awareness of your self and a greater capacity for self-reflection
⁃    Discovering embodied resources
⁃    Experiencing your embodiment of your anatomy and development
⁃    Finding support for functional movement of your body
⁃    Witnessing how your somatic process of living supports your being in the world.

I offer a safe, supportive and receptive space for playful experimentation and creative self enquiry, working at your own pace, free from judgement, interpretation, diagnosis, advice, or the need to achieve anything. In my experience, when such conditions are offered by another person we have the potential to listen deeply to our own nature and find the courage to be ourselves – however difficult that may be – in the unfolding dance of our lives.

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