Image by Srik Narayanan, untitled dance, 2014


I offer classes, workshops and groupwork in different contexts.

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My public class schedule can be found here. Current events can also be found on my Facebook page.

Community movement classes and workshops
Open to all, my somatic movement and dance classes explore the moving body through experiential anatomy, somatic exploration and developmental movement. They provide a safe space to play, improvise and create movement together, through which we discover a deeper awareness of ourselves and the joy in dancing with each other.

I am currently offering a weekly class, Wisdom of the Wild Body, in Glasgow.

Closed groups
To cultivate a sustained, deep awareness of how we are as ourselves together I facilitate closed groups, offering work tailored around the needs of participants.

I am currently inviting expressions of interest for a new movement group for men, in Glasgow.

Classes, workshops and training for professionals
For performers and other artists, theatre practitioners, therapists, facilitators and others wanting to engage in somatic enquiry for a deeper awareness of your own embodiment, I offer relational movement, experiential anatomy and developmental work that allows you to come closer to your own experiencing, to witness more deeply your relationships with self and other, and to find more embodied resources to support professional creative and therapeutic practice.

Workshops and groupwork within organisations
I offer movement and groupwork within organisations with an emphasis on deepening our self-care and building awareness of relationships and process through relaxed, playful engagement with each other. This may benefit teams and organisations by revealing things that get in the way of moving forward together, by building trust, deepening our communicative capacities and resourcing us to achieve our goals.

Moving at the Edge practice-based research
In the spirit of going to my own edges and deepening my own learning I offer experiential classes to explore new frontiers in my practice.

Transdisciplinary participatory research
For a deeper enquiry into what we may learn from the body in relationship as it crosses disciplines.



“Srik seemed to be guided by a deep inner wisdom with an almost uncanny ability to say just what I needed to hear in such a compassionate way. I really appreciate his ways of inviting as a fellow explorer, curious of our terrain”   Workshop participant, 2016

“Left me with a deep dark on the edge of something I don’t often get to. Definitely lots more to explore there!”   Workshop participant, 2016

“Feels so empowering to develop a felt sense of these things”   Workshop participant, 2016