Introductory offer: try Focusing in a one-off, online session for £30.

Experience is a myriad richness.
We think more than we can say.
We feel more than we can think.
We live more than we can feel.
And there is much more still.

– Eugene Gendlin, Focusing

Focusing is a method of offering a special kind of attention to our own process which helps us become more aware of what’s going on. It is a way to check in with ourselves, allowing us to learn more about a vague sense we have about something and listen to what we need.

This can help with:

 – making difficult decisions

 – writer’s or creative block

 – untangling emotional responses to an event or situation

 – understanding dreams

 – coaching through life projects and transitions

 – finding ways to express thoughts and feelings about something

 – and much more.


Focusing emerged out of research into why some people seemed to be successful in therapy and others not. It turned out that what was important was a certain kind of self-attunement that allowed clients to come close to their experiencing. This is something that can be trained and is the basis of Focusing. (Gendlin, 1996, Cornell, 2013). Gene Gendlin explains a little about Focusing in this video.

I offer online sessions to allow you to learn some of the basic skills of Focusing and put it to use in your life. The sessions are a gentle, reflective, non-judgemental space in which you will be encouraged to follow your own directions without being criticised, analysed or advised. All of you is welcome in the session. Everything in a session is treated confidentially.

Focusing sessions differ from psychotherapy in that I offer them as one-off or a short series of online sessions for working on specific issues and learning basic attentional skills, rather than working with more complex, long-term matters, although Focusing sessions can be a precursor to therapy.

Sessions last one hour, some of which will be spent finding out what you would like to use the session for. The cost is usually £50 per session. I offer an introductory session at £30. To arrange one, please contact me. I have a limited number of low cost slots and while I am not always able to offer these I welcome enquiries from those who may not otherwise be able to afford sessions.

I also offer short Focusing courses for everyone as a way to learn Focusing skills in groups. Please subscribe to my newsletter to be kept up-to-date.

I am certified by the British Focusing Association as a Focusing Practitioner and Focusing Teacher. I am based in Glasgow but work with people online worldwide.