Image by Srik Narayanan, 2017


I am inviting interest from those who may like to participate in a monthly facilitated movement group in Glasgow.

The sessions would involve guided somatic movement explorations based around our different body segments to embody the developmental aspects of ‘character’, through which we relate to others.

With a base in somatic practice and post-Reichian relational body psychotherapy, the work is an open frame for shared exploration, without an agenda other than to see what happens. We may each have our own goals, or not.

There will be space for dance, working with art materials, writing and speaking so that we can share our experiences with each other.

While it is not intended as a therapeutic group I intend for the space to be safe enough to bring ourselves gently into authentic relationship with each other.

No previous experience of movement, bodywork, somatics, or therapeutic work is necessary – only your curiosity.

For more information, or to register your interest please contact me.